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2019 Video - $3 Million Plus


Destination El Paso

Visit El Paso debuted it’s new two minute spot at the December Hyundai Sun Bowl game, with exposure to over XXX people nationwide. El Paso is in the midst of a downtown renaissance including a new streetcar system, new hotel development, art exhibits and more. El Paso is also home to new sports facilities including two Olympic-sized competitive pools and sports complexes. El Paso is a city reborn!

Nationwide exposure of El Paso and the surrounding region to draw in visitors and conventions/sporting events.

Agency Project

Project Costs: $200,000


Visit Plano

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The That’s Tempting video campaign is an online food publication for our destination. Designed with social media in mind, this campaign was at first exclusive to Facebook and Instagram, then extended to a dedicated landing page on our DMO website. We targeted a small, yet highly engaging group of social media users that corresponded to a newer millennial audience for Visit Plano.All videos are created by sourcing user-generated content or from content captured by our team. The content is roughly 0:30-0:60 in length and 2:00-3:00 in length, spanning unique spaces and places – wine bars, breweries, food halls, pet friendly restaurants, etc. The videos are supplemented with rich text overlays talking about what is being shown in the video and unique calls to action to engage with the content.

The overall objective of the campaign is to create an informative user experience – powered by both user generated content and in-house video capture – bringing awareness to Visit Plano as a food destination. An intentional strategy to this project was to take the consumer-facing voice outside of our Visit Plano name, so the content wasn’t coming from a “city entity”. This makes Visit Plano the only destination in Texas with a food publication. Our primary target audience for Plano and this campaign is adults 25-54 with HHI of $75k+. Primary target markets include DFW drive markets, Texas, and touch states including Louisiana and Oklahoma, with an additional targeting layer of those with food-related interests, including TV channels, publications, and websites.

Agency Project

Project Costs: $38,640


Visit San Antonio

Visit San Antonio and its Agency of Record, The Atkins Group, set out to produce a new destination video. The challenge was to create a destination video that stood out and didn’t feel the same as all the other formulaic destination videos. Instead we wanted to produce a brand story, only the story that we could tell. Because our destination is unique, and the stories we share should capture and celebrate that. We didn’t want to create just do one video, but a story vault that would allow us to create multiple videos. And we did just that. We shot over 500 hours of video, all over the city of San Antonio, with talent representing all of Visit San Antonio’s key persona groups, a primary marketing initiative. The creative follows real families, friends and couples on their visits to San Antonio doing the things that specifically appeal to them. Qualitative research also informed the format and direction of the creative.

The purpose of the destination video is to highlight our destination in a beautiful yet emotionally compelling way that portrays the uniqueness and authenticity of San Antonio. The goal was also to gather as much video footage that would highlight everyday intimate moments that allowed viewers to experience "One Perfect Day" through the eyes and routines of several couples, family, and friends.

Agency Project

Project Costs: The budget for this website was $200,000, including all hard costs associated with video production, talent and editing.


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