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2020 Video - $3 Million Plus


Visit Plano

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Description: The That’s Tempting video campaign is an online food publication for our destination. Designed with social media in mind, this campaign was at first exclusive to Facebook and Instagram, then extended to a dedicated landing page on our DMO website. We targeted a small, yet highly engaging group of social media users that corresponded to a newer millennial audience for Visit Plano.

All videos are created from content captured by our team. The content is roughly 0:30-0:60 in length and 2:00-3:00 in length, spanning unique spaces and places – wine bars, breweries, food halls, pet friendly restaurants, etc. The videos are supplemented with rich text overlays talking about what is being shown in the video and unique calls to action to engage with the content.

Objectives: The overall objective of the campaign is to create an informative user experience, bringing awareness to Visit Plano as a food destination.

An intentional strategy to this project was to take the consumer-facing voice outside of our Visit Plano name, so the content wasn’t coming from a “city entity”. This makes Visit Plano the only destination in Texas with a food publication.

Our primary target audience for Plano and this campaign is adults 25-54 with HHI of $75k+. Primary target markets include DFW drive markets, Texas, and touch states including Louisiana and Oklahoma, with an additional targeting layer of those with food-related interests, including TV channels, publications, and websites.

Since That’s Tempting is a stand alone digital publication, it is measured based on awareness metrics for culinary in Plano, Texas. This includes:
- In the campaign’s third year, our team has targeted over 2,400 engaged users, producing over 1,700 Likes, over 26K organic impressions, and over 204K page video views.
- Despite the focused effort to engage with this user only across both social media platforms, this campaign drove over 1,000 page views to Visit Plano's That's Tempting website landing page. The traffic was predominantly driven from Dallas, Plano and San Antonio, by young Millennial women (age 25-34), whose lifestyle was categorized as: Pet Lovers, Value Shoppers, Technophiles, who love Arts, Entertainment and Celebrity information.


Project Costs: $57,500

Visit Plano

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Description:: For this campaign, our objective is to bring focus to the many ways visitors can experience our great city, from the unique perspective of the traveler – what they see, what they eat, and where they go to make their Plano vacation their own.

The “Let’s Go to Plano, Texas” video series delivers on and pays off our brand messaging line, It’s All Here, in an experiential way. Traveling solo, as a couple, as a family, or with friends, Plano can provide as adventurous or as relaxed of a vacation as you wish. Dining, shopping, and adventure are our scenes and we invite visitors to experience it all for themselves.

Objectives: The campaign’s main KPI is awareness and is measured based on metrics for visitors showing interest in Plano, Texas.
This includes:
- Website impressions (on Visit Plano homepage and corresponding interior blog page)
- Paid media placement and social media placement (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube)
- Total views
- Engagements per post
- Geographic location of video views

During the campaign's short period of run time, our videos have garnered over 32K views thus far and project that this number will continue to increase significantly as we have reignited our paid advertising campaigns, promoting our destination again during this stage of the coronavirus crisis.

While we achieved engagement with our primary target geographies (DFW drive markets, Texas, and touch states including Louisiana and Oklahoma), the videos also piqued the interest of visitors that extended beyond those bounds! We received engagement from states all across the country, from California to New York, over to Michigan, and down to Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The majority of our viewers are female in the 25-34 and 35-44 age brackets. In addition, we have driven over 2,000 page views to the corresponding interior blog post on our website.


Project Costs:: $125,000

Visit The Woodlands


Idyllic. Welcoming. Elegant. Lively. Welcome to a place that's equally relaxing as it is adventurous. Go from exploring the trails to indulging the senses. From the meeting room, to a room with a view at one of our award-winning hotels. Or from tee time, to happy hour. The beauty of The Woodlands? Everyday is a chance for a unique discovery and a new memory. "This is the life. "This hardly feels like work. "Let's stay another night. WE HEAR THAT A LOT. For work, play and everything in between, find your perfect getaway in The Woodlands.


Create brand awareness for The Woodlands


Project Costs:: $15,000

Visit Austin


To help share the Austin brand with potential visitors and convention groups, Visit Austin produced a destination video series showcasing the best of Austin live music, food and outdoor spaces. These videos live within Visit Austin owned channels, are distributed online and broadcasted at various experiential marketing and sales events domestically and internationally. In keeping with the Austin brand, music is central to the video featuring a track from a local Austin artist.


- Video that is captivating in long-form but also modular for social use.

- Video content that appeals to both the leisure and meetings audiences.


Project Costs:: N/A

2020 - Video - $3,000,000 Plus

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