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2020 Tourism Branding & Advertising - $1 Million - $3 Million


San Angelo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Description: As we were determining what we wanted for a new ad campaign to promote San Angelo, we thought of the travel posters from the 1950's. After attending several conferences, we heard several speakers share that potential visitors reviewing ads no longer wanted to see people in the ads but wanted to feel like they were there. We reached out to our local ad agency, By the Stream, to see if they had ideas for us. Matt Butcher, the graphic designer, submitted hand drawn artwork for us to consider. Each ad has a focus on the back of a person, offering the visitor's perspective if they were standing in San Angelo and participating. The ads were so popular that people reached out and asked if we sold them as posters. An ad agency in London saw them and wanted to work with the agency on other projects in the future.

Objectives: Share a different feel from ads we always see of people posed drinking wine in restaurants, walking with family on a nature trail, people with shopping bags, etc. We chose hand drawn ads that are eye catching and deliberate in sharing the various places to see in San Angelo, as if you are here.


Project Costs: $4,000 total for the design of all four ads

Experience Bryan College Station

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Description: To capture the magic of the holiday season and activate our locals and neighbors, we designed and developed an interactive landing page that allowed visitors to engage with and explore the wealth of local holiday events. In order to drive traffic to this seasonal landing page, we pulled together strong imagery with the right message at the right time and promoted it through a variety of channels (Prospecting and Remarketing Display Ads, Native Content Ads, Facebook Ads, Geofencing, and Facebook and YouTube video distribution) — achieving outstanding performance and engagement results. Madden Media conducted the majority of our digital components and traditional placements included Texas Highways, AAA Texas Journey, and the TourTexas.com eNewsletter. Results included 6,499,475 brand impressions with 34,693 clicks to the landing page, 14.16% bounce rate, 1.41 pages/session, 2:13 average time on page, and geofencing display accounted for 2,309 visitors making 6,243 visits during the life of the campaign.

Objectives: The main objectives for this campaign were to create awareness for the 2019 Bryan College Station area holiday events, drive traffic to ExperienceBCS.com, and inspire visitation during the holiday season.


Project Costs: $50,210.56 for campaign build, digital media placements, and traditional media placements.

Visit Conroe

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Description: The “Visit Conroe” campaign was created to make Conroe a household name, and the word Conroe became the foundation of our campaign. Hikers perched on Conroe as they took in the view, lake floaters anchored their inner tube to Conroe as they soaked up the Texas sunshine, and musicians sang as if Conroe was their stage. An additional digital campaign was created for the opening of the Margaritaville Lake Resort where we applied the same name centric strategy while incorporating an island time twist. We were able to highlight the unique attractions of Conroe while bringing awareness to the city itself in both print and digital.
● Increase awareness of the city of Conroe and its’ attractions
● Increase travel to Conroe and bookings for Margaritaville Lake Resort
● Drive traffic to the Visit Conroe website
● Increase Conroe’s reputation as a destination with diverse offerings
● Integrate campaign into other media including digital and website


Project Costs:: $25,000

Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau

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View WebsiteDescription: @VisitHouston Takeover: 48 Hours, 10 Influencers, 1 Story . . . 244,118 Impressions.

Invited 10 influencers, mostly from the Houston area for a 3-day food-filled weekend. The CVB team took the influencers to local host spots participating in Beaumont Restaurant Week a week prior to the event. Influencers then shared their experiences on their social media channels, and @visithouston encouraging visitors to come and #eatbmt.

Objectives:: Enhance visibility in Houston market as a reputable food scene in Texas. Through the use of multiple cross promotion within different accounts, our reach, followers, and likes grew exponentially. Re-targeting pixels were utilized to promote restaurant week for the following week. Influencers gave photography rights to the CVB, for continued promotional efforts.


Project Costs:: $9,000

New Braunfels Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Description: Since 1845
A year-and-a-half-long celebration of New Braunfels' 175th anniversary, funded by sponsors, showcasing the rich German heritage of the city.
Activities included installation of highway gateway monuments, new city street signs, upgraded 150th time capsule monument, refurbishment of Friendship Tree plaque, "History Flows Here" coffee table book, bi-continental simultoast (https://youtu.be/s7EutHEWSYA), 1920s New Years Eve gala, and planning for many other events that were postponed due to the pandemic (Community Breakfast, Founders Gala, Founders Fireworks, Founders Day Parade, Community Breakfast, Octogenarian Honor Roll, 175th Time Capsule).

Objectives: Branding of the community
Community engagement
Visitor education
Destination pride and positioning


Project Costs:: $743,000, privately raised
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Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Description: As a Certified Music Friendly Community, the Abilene CVB initiated a brand to promote and grow the Abilene music scene. Abilene Centerstage was created to grow the economy and to preserve and promote the musical and artistic heritage through partnerships with local businesses, musicians, artists, and venues. Abilene Centerstage has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, abilenevisitors.com, connecting musicians with fans. Through sponsorships, Abilene Centerstage provides live music during monthly Abilene’s Monthly Artwalk and music related events. This initiative started in September 2019.

Objectives: To promote the live music scene, venues and musicians in Abilene by building a platform connecting musicians with audiences and creating awareness, support and a spirit of camaraderie for the local music industry.


Project Costs:: $2,000

Visit Lubbock

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With press kits turning digital, Visit Lubbock created a physical handout to direct media toward our online kit. Each detail in this passport was strategically placed to give partners the full Lubbock experience while utilizing the travel theme. The pages were inspired by legitimate travel documents and include a media representative’s contact information to depict the traveler’s information, details of attractions with passport stamps complete with a QR code directing to our online press kit.

1. To create an engaging piece that offers a glimpse into all Lubbock offers tourists.

2. To provide access to our digital press kit using a creative and modern approach.


Project Costs: Employee time, effort and in house print costs

2020 - Tourism Branding & Advertising - $1,000,000-$3,000,000

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