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2019 Sports Marketing - $350,000 - $999,999


Round Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau

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The “Sports Are Big Here!” campaign focused specifically on Round Rock’s exceptional facilities and the larger-than-life athletes that come to play in them. We searched the whole country to find the tallest athletes to showcase our amazing facilities and used their big statures to emphasize the world-class facilities that we have to offer. In Round Rock, sports are not just a hobby, they are a way of life. If our sports facilities are big enough for these athletes, then they’re big enough to hold any size sports event.

1. Increase national awareness of Round Rock’s sports facilities, while encouraging sports event planners to bring their sports to Round Rock
2. Increase facility bookings
3. Drive traffic to the Round Rock “Sports Are Big Here” webpage on SportsCapitalofTexas.com
4. Reinforce Round Rock’s brand as the Sports Capital of Texas
5. Increase Round Rock’s overall credibility as the premier destination for amateur, youth, and recreational sports
6. Integrate campaign into other media including digital and website

Agency Project

Project Cost: $80,000

SPORTyler/Visit Tyler

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SPORTyler in conjunction with The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award created a sponsorship packet to use to market to potential sponsors and for use in presentations to groups on what the award is and how it was created. Each individual page within the packet can be updated each year to reflect the previous season and can be tailored to an individual sponsor, prospect, or group. As the award grows more pages can be created and added to the packet to reflect new aspects of the award and/or SPORTyler. The packet also reflects the branding use throughout all of the marketing efforts for The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award.

To create a marketing piece that is simple and easy to follow to promote and market The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award and SPORTyler to potential sponsors and to the public. To reflect the growth of the award through the efforts of SPORTyler. To keep Tyler, Texas at the forefront of sports marketing and to continue to promote SPORTyler as a destination for high quality sporting events and tournaments.

Agency Project

Project Cost: $500


Visit McKinney

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Visit McKinney worked in conjunction with the McKinney Chamber to plan a Fan Fest at TUPPS Brewery for the NCAA Div II Championship Football game in McKinney. We knew we couldn't get players there the night before the game, but locals came as did bus loads of fans who had driven in from Valdosta State (Georgia) and Ferris State (Michigan). The turn-out was incredible - a packed house - and it got everyone fired up for the big game the next day. The Valdosta State band even brought their instruments in and played for everyone.

When McKinney was chosen at a last-minute replacement as host city for the 2018 NCAA Div II Championship Football game, Visit McKinney was part of the planning committee to pull everything together in barely two months. We knew we wanted to pull out all the stops to show these Georgia and Michigan Folks true Texas hospitality, but also to blow the socks off the NCAA so they'd choose McKinney as host city for additional years. The Fan Fest in addition to the incredible stadium and other hospitality they received all week worked! McKinney was awarded the game for there more years!

In-house Project

Project Cost: Total $2850.48
Porta-Potty Rentals $1350
Signage $463.48
Outdoor Flood Lighting $850
Event Insurance $187
Advertising was in-kind and free on social media

Wichita Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau

Wichita Falls is hosting, for the first time, the 2019 National Horseshoe Pitchers Association World Tournament. This is the first time the event has been held in Texas and there are currently 971 participants signed up for the two-week long tournament. In an effort to provide information pertaining to hotels, the facility, special events, merchandise sales and general information, the Wichita Falls marketing staff designed and branded an event logo, marketing materials and a website specific to the event.

The objective is to promote Wichita Falls to the participants and generate excitement for the tournament. Most tournament participants make a vacation out of the event and will stay for several days. The event specific website provides one place where any information needed can be found while also branding the event to enhance the overall guest experience.

In-house Project

Project Cost: $150

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