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National Tourism Week - $1,000,000-$2,999,999


San Marcos Convention & Visitor Bureau

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The San Marcos Convention & Visitor Bureau wanted to show the San Marcos community, and the city council if we’re being honest, how important the travel and tourism industry is to the city of San Marcos and its citizens. We were thinking of creative ways we could create a strong visual impact to prove just how many local businesses and attractions are involved, whether they realize it or not, in helping make San Marcos a destination for visitors. We figured the best way to get community involvement, and cause some serious buzz in a (college) town of 64,589, was to get as many visitor-facing businesses in our branded shirts as possible and have them all wear the shirts the day of our National Travel and Tourism Week Reception – May 9.

  • Increase usage of #SMTXperience on Instagram
  • Show how wide-spread tourism is in San Marcos
  • Educate tourism partners in the importance of tourism in San Marcos and their participation
  • Strengthen portfolio of user generated content
  • Create a sense of community with local businesses and attractions
  • Get locals excited about their city and the work TourSanMarcos does for their community


Project Cost:
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