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2019 National Tourism Week - $350,000 - $999,000


Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Laredo celebrated National Travel and Tourism Week this past year with a week full of activities.

Activities included an appreciation luncheon for our advisory committee, a city proclamation, a social media training on Instagram for our tourism partners, a special city tour for locals to learn more about their hometown, a happy hour at the local outlet mall for our tourism partners, we unveiled our visitor guide and throughout the week, our office hosted a souvenir sale for the general public.

McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau

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For the first time, we put together a passport with a page for each of the 11 local businesses - restaurants, attractions, museums - who agreed to participate. We gave them from May 3-15 (a little longer than National Tourism Week) to get all 11 pages stamped and returned to our Visitors Center to be entered in a prize drawing. Because it was the first time doing this, we had no clue how it would go so we were conservative in cost. We produced the graphics in-house then had a local print company print it in B&W. (Printing in color would double the cost and we didn't want to spend it if not many people took part.) Details found at: https://www.visitmckinney.com/276/2395/National-Tr...

The objective was to people into these businesses and attractions who perhaps haven't been there before, in an effort to teach them more about "being a tourist in their own town." Really just an awareness campaign that cost the businesses nothing, other than the cost of any discounts they did and any prizes they donated. (Not all did.) The participating partners all reported they had fun doing it, and it did drive new people into their establishments.

In-house Project

Project Costs: $225 for printing. Prizes were all donated by our tourism partners.


San Angelo CVB

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Lodging employees and community leaders were invited to participate in a 3 hour tour of the city, 3 tours were conducted. The Be A Tourist in Your own town tour allowed participants to Discover San Angelo as a tourist visiting our city would. The tour was hosted by our award winning tour guide Madame Sunshine. Participants toured historic Fort Concho, San Angelo Railway Museum, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, our beautiful Visitor Center, and Paint Brush Alley. We received the following testimonials:

“This is a tour that I would highly recommend to all community and business leaders. We often take for granted the wonderful and beautiful resources that make our community so unique. This tour not only serves as a reminder of these great resources, but also allows one to see the community through the eyes of a tourist. I am very proud of what San Angelo has to offer both visitors and citizens alike!”
Daniel Valenzuela, City Manager

The tour gifted me with a new list of local gems to share with out-of-town family & friends on future visits!
Laura Lewis, District Director, District 28, Office of Senator Charles Perry

I had a great time and learned facts about San Angelo that I never knew. I also relearned how many cool things San Angelo has to offer. Thanks again for all that the CVB does for San Angelo, and for organizing this great tour!
Rick Weise, Assistant City Manager

• Engage and educate our partners and community leaders
• Cultivate pride in our community
• Build credibility

In-house Project

Project Costs: $1,350


Visit Conroe

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For many years, Conroe has celebrated National Tourism and Travel Week in a variety of ways. This year - we felt that we wanted to honor several individuals in helping shape the tourism industry in Conroe in significant ways over the past year.
Awards given were:
  • Hometown Hero - to Leo Ohn because of her outstanding customer service through her investment in expanding her local shop - BeanPunk Coffee.
  • Committed to Conroe - Frank Jackson for being the driving force behind Conroe receiving the "Texas Music Friendly" designation.
  • Community Champion - to Annette Spikes for working tirelessly with promoting all Arts in our community through her work with the Greater Conroe Arts Alliance.

To create awareness in Conroe about the importance of tourism on our community and to honor some individuals who made significant impacts on the tourism industry in Conroe over the past year.

In-house Project

Project Costs:
Total Cost $1,403.00
Catering $1,100.00
Printing $78.00
Awards $225.00
room rental, speaker, etc - all free

Visit Tyler

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As part of our local awareness campaign during National Travel and Tourism Week, we designed posters to position around City Hall during the City Council meeting. We also invited all of our tourism partners to be recognized in front of City Council for the economic impact they help provide the city. The poster included beautiful photographs of the area as well as tourism facts and statistics that citizens and City Council might know about the impact of tourism in Tyler.

To create a visual representation of the impact of tourism in the City of Tyler. To recognize the work of the employees in the tourism industry in Tyler.

In-house Project

Project Costs: $150

Wichita Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau

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For Travel and Tourism Week we partnered with several local organizations and attractions to promote why "Travel Matters" to Wichita Falls. We ran TV ads in conjunction with each partner that were formatted the same and we did Facebook live videos with each partner. We also hosted a city-wide scavenger hunt for our local citizens. Everyday, Monday - Friday, a prize basket with local products was hidden at a new location/attraction and clues were posted each day starting at noon. The Facebook live videos were viewed a total of 15,900 times and reached a total of 22,000+ people. Last, we developed a "Travel Matters" video that we promoted on social media that highlighted why travel is important to our hotels, our attractions and our arts community.

Our objective was to highlight why "Travel Matters" and is important for our local economy and businesses, for promotion of our city and overall health and wellness.

Agency Project

Project Costs: $3,000

See Facebook video here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=572079629981088

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