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Mobile Site/App - $350,000 - $999,000


City of Baytown Tourism

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During the trying times after Hurricane Harvey, the Baytown Tourism Division created a mobile site that was housed within the Visit Baytown mobile app to help those that were coming to Baytown to help with the Harvey Recovery Process. This site housed information for those who needed assistance, who wanted to give assistance, and was a platform for city wide updates concerning road conditions, school updates, hotel information, and eateries. The Tourism Division printed and delivered flyers about the Harvey Recovery Resource Site and delivered them to all hotels, community checkpoints of neighborhoods that were deeply affected, and organizations that were coordinating volunteer groups.


  1. Provide information to citizens and volunteers about important Harvey recovery information
  2. Highlight the Visit Baytown app as a resource for Baytown visitors
  3. Provide a mobile optimized site that visitors could easily access during their travels
  4. Encourage extended length of stay or return visits due to increased awareness of local venues, events, etc.

Project Cost:
  1. Website Cost: $50 website hosting yearly
  2. Printed collateral: $40

Visit Tyler

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We worked with a local partner, Eguide Magazine, to create an entertainment app for the Tyler area. The app has a user-friendly, sleek design that is appealing to visitors. Large graphics were used to make it fun and something that tourists will use. Because the calendar and event page is one of the most visited page on our website, it only made sense to partner with Eguide to create an easy-to-use app with the most up-to-date event news. We advertise the app in several ways including cross-promoting between the two websites, newsletters, and printed materials that we pass out at all events and in the visitor center.

The objective was to create an easier way for visitors to find event and calendar information on their mobile devices. Before the app, visitors had to scroll through our huge calendar on the website. The app is much easier to navigate and is really popular among visitors and residents alike.


Project Cost: $8,000
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