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2019 Mobile Site/App - $350,000 - $999,000


City of Baytown Tourism

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In October of 2018, Visit Baytown was asked to beta test a new mobile app hosted by Geocaching.com called the Geocaching Adventure Lab. We were able to create a special Baytown Art-Venture Lab program within the host app that highlighted the blossoming public art program that went live in Baytown in 2017. The app takes visitors to art installations in the Downtown Arts District and has them solve puzzles and log the answers. The Art-Venture gives visitors a special scavenger hunt style tour of 9 art locations and they earn a special prize once they have completed the tour.

  • Highlight Baytown’s blossoming art scene within the Downtown Arts District
  • Create more programming opportunities for Baytown visitors and residents.
  • Bring more foot traffic to Baytown’s Historic Downtown region
In-house Project

Project Costs:
  • Art-Venture Prizes: $750
  • Advertising: $6,000

Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau


The Laredo CVB’s app – Visit Laredo Tx

This mobile app serves as a virtual LCVB at your fingertips. You’ll find a listing of hotels, restaurants and shops in town.

The LCVB has a permanent advertisement at the airport for all incoming visitors landing in Laredo.

Port Arthur Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Port Arthur Visitor Bureau partnered with Rhyme & Reason Design to create a brand new website for Visit Port Arthur.
In short: We put mobile first. We see a majority of visitor traffic via our mobile site, so in order to successfully engage with those visitors, we worked with R&R Design to create a mobile site that would display optimally across devices, such as iPad and smartphones. This responsive design went one step past basic mobile design, and has proven even more successful than we'd hoped for.

Our objective was to create a fast loading, visual, yet simple mobile site that would deliver correct, up to date information (did we say fast loading?). We scaled down our desktop platform to only offer what we felt was necessary and would meet immediate needs- instead of promoting social media or second thought information.

Agency Project

Project Costs: $30,000

Visit on mobile device: www.visitportarthurtx.com
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