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2019 Local Awareness - Under $350,000


City of Bay City

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The Love Where You Live Campaign was an idea hatched out of our strategic planning session. Some locals weren't aware we had a Tourism Department. Then would quickly ask why anyone would want to visit our area. We kicked the program off at Customer Service Week and every city hall employee wore shirts with the Love Where You Live slogan for Love Where You Live day. Our Facebook Hashtag is on every shirt to drive them to our tourism social media page. City employees wear the shirts every Friday. We have adapted the logo changing out the O for different symbols for different events. The Municipal Services Building even used the Recycle Love Where You Live logo for their city-wide cleanup day. We also made a water drop LWYL logo and our latest is the patriotic LWYL logo that we are wearing with our Mayor in the attached picture. Everyone wore them the day before the 4th of July. Once people realize what it's about, they jump on board too. The community has been very receptive and loves the program.

The goal is to change negativity in Bay City, which is something we're working to overcome and create a sense of pride and a more positive outlook on our community. It also makes the community aware we have a tourism department. It also helps us raise money that is not subject to hotel motel restrictions. The money we raise is being used for city and county-wide cleanup projects including curb appeal, beautification and beach cleanup programs.

In-house Project

Project Costs: We've ordered 5 different types of shirts to purchase. Red LWYL, Dark Gray LWYL, Athletic LWYL and the Patriotic LWYL. Costing $4,280.44 total. We sell the shirts for $20. We have already raised $6,375.00. And we sell to city employees and their families at cost for $10. to encourage them to wear the shirts around town.

Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB

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StayCation is a guided group tour designed to expose locals to what Mineral Wells and the area have to offer. We offer one in the Spring and one in the Summer.We spend a full day visiting local attractions where a knowledgeable guide tells us about the location. We also provide and goodie bag that includes:
1. A list of annual events for Palo Pinto County
2. Brochures/literature for attractions that we won't be visiting on the tour
3. An itinerary for the tour
4. A Selfie-Scavenger Hunt- It's fun for them and gives us User Generated Content for our social media feeds.

1. Educate locals about what they have right here in their own backyard. So many people have never been to many of our attractions.
2. Encourage locals to not only return to the sites with family and friends, but also be able to share when out-of-towners ask "What's there to do in Mineral Wells?"

In-house Project

Project Costs:
$80 to rent the Public Transit bus for a day
$8 per person for the meal
$0-8 per attraction, per person (most attractions are already free. Most others do not charge us entry because we help them gain exposure.)
$5-10 for the goodie bags: Branded Bags, Selfie Scavenger Hunt, Itinerary, List of events
$10-15 for a promotional giveaway to encourage registrations
$20 for Facebook ads
$50 for newspaper ads

The Colony Convention & Visitors Bureau

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The #VisitTheColony LPGA Scavenger Hunt was a physical contest utilizing digital mediums and smart devices to promote the 2018 Volunteers of America Classic. Approximately 30 locals took part in the scavenger hunt, registering online to receive their first clue directing them to an attraction or retailer around town. Participants scanned QR codes with smartphones or tablets at six locations including The Shacks at Austin Ranch, an al fresco dining concept overlooking a one-acre dog park; Nebraska Furniture Mart, the nation’s largest home-furnishing store; and Old American Golf Club, host to the Volunteers of America Classic. The first three participants to arrive at the final destination received a prize pack, with first place winning “Ultimate LPGA Experience” vouchers (VIP tournament admission, Inside the Ropes access, and food festival tickets), a weekend hotel getaway, and complimentary round of golf for four at Old American Golf Club.

Prosperous growth in The Colony and its leisure tourism market support the addition of new attractions and annual special events. The #VisitTheColony LPGA Scavenger Hunt primarily promoted the relocation of the state’s only LPGA event - Volunteers of America Classic, to The Colony. The secondary objective was to serve as a platform, educating locals about one-of-a-kind attractions and retailers within the city. These businesses gained exposure, with many individuals visiting them for the first time. Overall, the contest played an integral part in promoting the Volunteers of America Classic and its return to the city for the next three years.

In-house Project

Project Costs: Less than $100 spent on printing, digital promotion of the contest, and travel expenses/posting QR codes. Additional expense associated with this project is the in-house labor - establishing contest, contacting local attractions and prize sponsors, and monitoring results. Prizes donated by LPGA tournament organizers, hotels, and host golf course.


Visit Mansfield

Mansfield Host the Texas FireFighter Games July 15-July 20th. On Tuesday night we hosted a Family event for the participants to attend and we invited residents to come out to event as well. The CVB was on hand and had discount coupons and spoke at the concert to welcome the group and the impact it had on Mansfield. The CVB had wrist bands for FFG participants. The crowd was split 50/50.

Visit Mansfield was able to include our tourism partners with the Mansfield National golf course and Hawaiian Falls and The LOT Downtown.Sign people up on our Newsletter Engage people to like our social media pages.Locals in attendance received discount codes only available the night of the Tuesday event.We could tell that are engagement was a local audience that didn't even know we had a CVB

In-house Project

Project Costs: $4,500.00 for the concert and giveaways
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