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2020 Local Awareness - Under $1 Million


Discover Denton

Description: Discover Denton created a social media campaign, the #DENTONINGBRACKET, to develop aninteractive experience for our fans, as well as fans of local establishments. This campaign not only brought awareness to Denton, but also fostered advocacy for local businesses.

This campaign utilized the March Madness bracket format you would typically see during this time, and powered its results with daily polls.

Objectives: To develop an engaging experience during a global pandemic, Covid-19, that increased organic impressions, engagements and reach for our Discover Denton social media channels.


Project Costs:: $0

Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce

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Description: Our virtual getaway offered viewers 11 different experiences from native flute lessons and flower arranging classes to cocktail mixology and cooking a 3-course gourmet meal. And if you lived locally, you could add to the experience by pre-ordering a supply/ingredient kit so you could create right along with the video.

From inception to airing the last video, the whole virtual weekend came together in just 3 weeks. The projected yielded lots of content that can be shared and repurposed, a system for creating future virtual getaways, and locals that were grateful for something fun to do during lockdown.

Objectives: While the world was in quarantine, we knew we had a captive audience. This provided the perfect opportunity to entertain, educate, and entice future visitors and locals alike.


  • Responsibly continue to promote our tourism product to future travelers
  • Entertain families while on under stay-at=home advisory
  • Show/remind our locals what we have available for them during “normal” times
  • Create content that can be repurposed, shared, and helpful
  • In-House

    Project Costs:: $0

    Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce

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    Description:: A new love for our historic “Greetings From Mineral Wells” postcard began to resurge among the locals. They started asking us to get t-shirts made and we answered in a Texas-sized way.

    In September of last year, we launched the project by introducing:

  • A public transit bus wrapped in the greeting card
  • New t-shirts and ballcaps of the postcard
  • Reproduced postcards
  • A blog post that shared the history of each of the locations featured on the postcard.
  • And now, we even have a building-sized mural in the works.

    Objectives: 1.We wanted to take advantage of the community pride that was beginning to flicker. So we took something they loved and asked for to help fan the flames.

    2.This was a great opportunity to help dampen some of the local naysayers that didn’t think we were doing anything to promote our community.

    3.And it offered a wonderful way for us to tell the history of many of our best-loved and sometimes-forgotten local assets.


    Project Costs:: Bus Wrap Design and Installation $8000

    Nacogdoches Convention & Visitor's Bureau

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    Description: Nacogdoches CVB created "Eat Like A Local" to support the smaller, family-owned eateries in Nacogdoches. We created multiple videos, highlighting the diverse food scene that Nacogdoches has to offer. The videos reminded locals to shop and eat at local businesses, as well as advertised the uniqueness of Nac's cuisine.

    Objectives: Education, Awareness, Shop Local


    Project Costs: <$100

    Visit Addison

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    Addison has more restaurants per capita than any other city in Texas which makes them one of our biggest attractions. With travel basically shutting down due to Covid-19, we immediately shifted our focus to helping the restaurants by creating an awareness campaign that they were still open for takeout and delivery. We installed a banner across our main thoroughfare, created social media and programmatic ads promoting “take out and delivery”, and created new, more relevant search terms for a google search campaign. We solicited free space on two high traffic digital billboards, which in turn gave us a lot of free media coverage because the billboard went up so quickly following the start of the shutdown.


    To create awareness for our restaurants during the dine-in closures due to Covid-19.


    Project Costs: $5,000 including creative, ad placement, social sponsored posts and boosts, PPC and printing of road banner. Digital billboard was in-kind.

    Visit Granbury

    Description: Granbury Mayor Nin Hulett attends and sings at weekly Rise & Grind. Visit Granbury's Rise & Grind Program was designed to educate the community on upcoming events and how it impacts their individual businesses. The great benefit is that stakeholders feel connected to the CVB and part of the plan for the largest industry in Granbury. Visit Granbury host the event every Friday 9am-10am. Average attendance is 40 - 50 people weekly.

    Objectives: Communicate with the community and stakeholders on upcoming events and visitors coming to the area and how it impacts their businesses generating welcomed tourism economic impact.


    Project Costs: $0

    2020 - Local Awareness - Under $1,000,000

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