2021 Local Awareness - $1 Million - $3 Million
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2021 Local Awareness - $1 Million - $3 Million


Visit Conroe

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In-house or Agency?: In-house

Description:: Conroe is the perfect backdrop for weddings and is home to over 20 unique wedding venues. This year, Visit Conroe met with local wedding venues to discuss our services and how we can be the perfect complement for future brides and out of town guests. Visit Conroe provided local venues with an informational one-sheeter of our services and a customized Topo-Chico gift as a way for venue directors to remember Visit Conroe. The goal of this project was to inform the wedding venue staff that Visit Conroe can provide guests with several complimentary services and we are here to help with local recommendations.

Objectives: Visit Conroe recognized that weddings are a big visitor attraction in Conroe year-round. What better way to get our name and services to the bride-to-be by meeting with the wedding venue directors! The objective was to not only introduce ourselves and let them know we are here to help, but to create a memorable way for our office to stand out. This is a great way for the local businesses to be aware of all that Visit Conroe can provide Project Costs:: $200

Beaumont CVB

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In-house or Agency?: In-house

Description:: The Localist program started as a small, personally curated circle we invited to be part of a grassroots movement to change public perception that "Beaumont is boring," share things to do on social media, and essentially be our eyes and ears on the ground to help make Beaumont better for everyone. We've since added a public version of the program that anyone can join and earn swag for exploring their own backyard and sharing their experiences, which has grown to over 150 members posting what they love to eat, play and do around town. We host monthly meetups at different venues and activities we're looking to showcase, introduce new programs we're launching, and get community buy-in. Different monthly assignments highlight regional pride points from photo challenges to recipe creation with local purveyors and writing love letters to the city during Valentine's Day, all designed to remind the locals everything there is to do and love about our area. Info >> https://www.beaumontcvb.com/media/the-localist-program/

Objectives: The initial 25 members were board recommended and appointed ambassadors whose goal is to champion and embody the CVB's mission and message, and they made so many others want to join. They were pre-established and well-connected community members representing a diverse set of stakeholders, companies, and groups who will serve as a liaison between the CVB and the various city entities, a point of communication between groups, and help shape the visitor experience so we can see our attractions and restaurants through a trusted local's perspective and close the feedback loop. They are helping us change the narrative, curate content, share their experiences on social which went so well we opened the localist to the public and have had over 170 entries or Eat, Play, Do using hashtags when posting and winning swag!

Project Costs:: $800 a month budgeted event

$600-$1200 of swag with a prize upon monthly completion $6-$20 no more than 60 have received per month

2021 - Local Awareness - $1,000,000-$3,000,000

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