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Cooperative Marketing - $3 Million Plus


Visit Houston and Beyond

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Houston wanted to offer visitors more, while the 14 destinations around it wanted to leverage their proximity to the fourth largest city in the United States. When both groups realized they could share a brand, a microsite and a market by shifting the focus from city limits to limitless experiences, competitors turned cooperators to stage a coup on the day trips market. Fourteen paid partners shifted a cooperative program focus from their individual destination to a regional focus to support a greater good in October 2017 with changes to unfold in 2018. These changes would be driven by inserts in the Houston Official Visitor Guide, partnerships with Trip Advisor, a microsite with climbing visitation and a re-envisioned brand in hopes of making the Houston region the next premier destination for leisure travel.

  1. Make the Houston region one of the best destinations in the world.
  2. Move away from a destination specific approach and towards a cohesive program featuring experiences by adding an Experiences section to the microsite and refocusing blog posts to include more than one partner destination that share common and relevant experiences.
  3. Integrate the Visit Houston and Beyond program more seamlessly into the Visit Houston brand with the help of an advertising agency to be hired on before December 2018.
  4. Drive website visitation to the Day Trips microsite with the help of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to increase visitation from an average of 1,200 page views per month to an average of 8,000 page views per month. During the month of February, the microsite experienced 6,668 page views; during March, the microsite experienced 11,731 page views; during April, this number was 6,892 and during May page views totaled 8,114.
  5. To drive more traffic to individual DMO partner pages, specifically to increase conversion from VisitHouston.com website visitors to partner sites by 20% in 6 months time. In 2017, the average number of conversions to partner sites was between 5-10 clicks. In 2018, this number rose to an average of 20-30 link clicks with more popular blogs boasting conversions of up to 200 clicks.

Project Cost: $150,000 annually


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