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2020 Cooperative Marketing - $1 Million - $3 Million


San Marcos Convention & Visitor Bureau

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Description: We partnered with Downtown San Marcos to drive visitors to the heart of San Marcos and experience what makes us truly unique. We wanted to show that “The Square” is more than just a fantastic nightlife spot (it really is though) by using imagery of shopping, eating, events, arts and live music to depict its status as the cultural hub of the city, and easily navigable.

Objectives: Increase visitor traffic to Downtown San Marcos.


Project Costs:$6,500

Experience Bryan College Station

Description: United & American Airlines offered direct flights from Alabama to Easterwood Airport in College Station for the weekend of the Alabama vs Texas A&M football game for the first time. To capitalize on this while reducing cost, we partnered with Easterwood Airport to purchase ad space in Alabama Metro360 Magazine, as well as Facebook ads targeted at Crimson Tide fans in Alabama.

Objectives: To reduce cost for both parties while increasing both flight & hotel bookings.


Project Costs:: $500 each

Visit Conroe

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Description: Visit Conroe teamed up with Margaritaville Lake Resort to create a sweepstakes campaign that was promoted through social media which counted down to the opening of the Margaritaville Lake Resort. Prior to the resort opening, Visit Conroe posted a question unique to the new resort to promote audience engagement along with a link to register to win a 2-night stay at Margaritaville, dinner for two at a local restaurant, wine tasting for two at Blue Epiphany Vineyards, as well as some Visit Conroe & Margaritaville Swag. We had over 380 entries.
Objectives: ● Raise awareness about the new Margaritaville Resort opening
● Build excitement before and up to the grand opening date on June 26, 2020
● Showcase different aspects of the Margaritaville Resort that would entice tourists to want to come and visit
● Increase newsletter signups from the sweepstakes
● Increase Visit Conroe’s overall social media presence and engagement rate


Project Costs: $750

New Braunfels CVB

Description: We're Getting Ready

Organic production with spokespeople shooting video of themselves on their mobile devices to continue the authentic, personal interaction of previous communications. Videos let prospective visitors know New Braunfels was getting ready to welcome them back.

Video version 2: https://youtu.be/ZPG2ogyntrU

Objectives: Connect with potential visitors through an authentic, "less commercial" communication method
Use "average joe" business owners as spokesperson (no professional actors)


Project Costs: $500

visit mcallen

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Visit McAllen and various City of McAllen departments have a cooperative marketing strategy that allows them to pool resources to reach a broader market while promoting McAllen.

To market McAllen as a retail, convention, business and leisure destination.


Project Costs: $300,000.00

Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Description: Birding and beyond in the region between Beaumont, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana that serves as a critical stopover for millions of birds. We invite you to experience birding at 34 different hot spots within a 90-mile radius.

Objectives: Showcased birding festivals, hot spots and birding-related content in Birding Magazine and other publications. This cooperative marketing enhances the visibility of our destinations to a demographic that is willing to spend money, and stay a multitude of days within a destination and region. This partnership created a unique opportunity to work across state lines and show birders what is offered within a close proximity. Rather than driving days or flying from destination to destination. This co-op is the best of both worlds. It gives birders the opportunity a taste of Louisiana with a Texas kick.


Project Costs: $600 - Promotional
$4,800 - Ad Placement
$1,200 - Birding Festivals

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2020 - Cooperative Marketing - $1 Million - $3 Million

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