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Convention Promotion - $350,000 - $999,000


McKinney Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Venue/Hotel Videos:We had a local videographer do five initial trial-run venue videos for YouTube and our website. We uploaded them to YouTube in November 2017, then just recently (June 25) we got them embeded on our website. So far, in seven months, YouTube views look positive (about 210, with all five results combined). This is without any promotion of them. Now that they are embedded on our site in our revamped, now-digital Meeting Planners Guide, we'll be able to better promote them.

We wanted to make it easier for meeting and event planners who were unable to make a site visit to at least be able to see inside some of our venues and hotels. We started with five, hoping to have some assistance from our city's videographer. We recently learned that department will not be able to help us due to some reorganization of programming, so we will move forward in the next budget year with having at least five more done. We were excited this past week to be able to share one of these videos with some event organizers who are putting in a bid for a big event at that venue. The fact we had a video showing all aspects of the venue including the parts they were going to be using (if they win the bid) thrilled them. They'll be using our event in their bid package.


Project Cost:
$3500 for production/completion of 5 videos


Visit Tyler

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Tyler, Texas was very fortunate to bid on The Early Ford V8 Car Club for April 5-7, 2018. We competed against other Texas cities. By offering them a full schedule of “locally focused activities” they selected Tyler for their 2018 Annual Event. The activities that we hosted were centered on the theme; “Spring in East Texas”. This historical driving tour was carefully planned to take them by the most beautiful and historical sites in East Texas. The tour ended at the Freedom of American Museum; where they participated in a car show that was “open to the public”. It was an incredible event that will yield many return visitors in the future.Video credit to Robert White.

  1. Plan an event that would put Tyler Texas in the lead for their 45th Annual Texas Tour (Visit Tyler did win the bid)
  2. Plan a driving tour that offered historical significance and cultural beauty – Edom Texas, Tyler Azalea and Spring Flower Trail, Historical Dewberry Plantation, Look Out Point in Jacksonville, M6 Winery, American Freedom Museum, Sherriff JB Smith of Smith County
  3. Create a full-fledged conference and driving experience that encouraged participates to want to see more of East Texas and return in the future

Project Cost: $400

45th Annual Texas Tour from Robert White on Vimeo.

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