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2019 Advertising - Under $350,000


Bastrop County Tourism

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The “Field Guide to Bastrop County” campaign portrays real Bastrop County residents having fun at the county’s major attractions. The audience is invited to look closer at the Bastrop County offerings, as the headline can mean more than what first meets the eye. The ad titles and body copy use a play on words to cleverly contrast the variety of activities available in Bastrop County, suited for visitors of any type. This campaign was featured in both various digital and print.

  • Increase regional awareness of Bastrop County
  • Increase website traffic by 15%
  • Increase click-through rates on digital ads
  • Increase hotel stays and improve occupancy rates for both leisure and business travelers
Agency Project

Project Costs: $60,000


Mesquite Convention and Visitors Bureau

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For our audience, the Mesquite CVB created a brand that is more relevant to today’s modern traveler and the technologies they use. We accomplished this through a new branding and advertising campaigns that highlight the critical experiences that Mesquite offers.

1) Give the Mesquite CVB a logo/branding of simplicity and adaptability.
2) Grow awareness of Mesquite as a leading travel destination through branded messaging and targeted advertising placements.

Agency Project

Project Costs: $8,600

Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB

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Created an attractive, informational travel and tourism 1-sheet for the TTIA Travel Expo in April. TTIA is now using the 1-sheet is as an example to share with other TTIA Members. We are also using it as a public relations tool for media and news outlets.

• Create a 1-sheet to give travel counselors at the TTIA Travel Expo.
• Include information that travel counselors can share at their travel centers or tourism related organizations.
a. Events
b. What is new in Mineral Wells
c. What is coming to Mineral Wells
d. Featured Event: Merry Wells
e. Top 10-Instagrammable Spots in Mineral Wells.

In-house Project

Project Costs: $0


Visit Kilgore

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For Kilgore's first true marketing campaign, we went both retro and with word association utilizing a tourism niche term, "discover" With Kilgore being ground zero to the largest oilfield discoveries in the US, discover and it's exploratory vibes seemed a perfect tagline encounter with the Kilgore brand. In its infancy, we incorporated 3 experiences one might discover in Kilgore, arts, adventure, and fun, as the prospective viewer would investigate on what their Kilgore exploration tale will include.

The objectives are to connect to customers on an emotional level through rich visual content with the historical undertone of Kilgore's past boom town personality. This versatile message allows customers to create seasonal and tangible transformation-able experiences.

Agency Project

Project Costs: $1,500
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