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2020 COVID -19 Messaging - $1 Million - $3 Million


San Angelo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Description: The video produced by local agency, By the Stream, in collaboration with the City of San Angelo Economic Development Department, San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, and San Angelo Convention & Visitors Bureau highlights different segments of the business community and attractions, sharing the message that "We'll Be Here for You" when you're ready.

Objectives: As we recognized the first indications of the challenges we were facing with the COVID 19 pandemic, the San Angelo CVB reached out to the Chamber of Commerce and the City of San Angelo Economic Development Department to see if they would work with us on the collaboration of a video to share with visitors, businesses, and citizens that we were here for them when things got back to some type of normal.


Project Costs: The project cost the CVB nothing. The City of San Angelo Economic Development offered to cover the cost of the video. Production cost them $3,500.

San Marcos Convention & Visitor Bureau

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Description: Our COVID-19 messaging has fluctuated with the surge in cases. The videos we created from a dog’s perspective were promoted as the state began reopening with the intention of creating light-hearted and humorous content that also hinted at ways visitors and locals could safely support local businesses. Then as cases, in our area in particular, began increasing we started focusing more on showing visitors safely exploring with masks on – a not so subtle nod to mask mandates. The photos were paired with educational information and ideas on what a visitor could still do in San Marcos.

Objectives: Showcase safety in San Marcos while also providing options for those still venturing out.


Project Costs:: $1,700

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Experience Bryan College Station

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Description: Experience Bryan College Station, Downtown Bryan Association, B/CS Chamber of Commerce, Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation, and the Cities of Bryan and College Station have joined together to launch #AtHomeInBCS. This is a collaborative effort to unify our community during this unprecedented situation. Features have included virtual events, details on local restaurants and retail shops, a staycation campaign, a series of videos featuring residents thanking front-line workers, and more.

Objectives: To provide one community hub for economic recovery information, virtual events, and more while working to unify the community behind a message of hope and inspiration.


Project Costs:: $12.50 (Domain Name)

Visit Conroe

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Description: The Visit Conroe social strategy was to encourage visitors to dream of Conroe’s safe escapes and to keep Conroe top of mind as a drive market. We highlighted attractions on Lake Conroe and W.G. Jones State Forest that would allow visitors to enjoy a safe getaway. Visit Conroe also created digital puzzles of Conroe’s local attractions and picturesque scenery for kids of all ages on our website.

● Exhibit Community support during these challenging times
● Showcase Conroe’s best outdoor attractions to allow visitors to daydream about visiting again once they felt safe to do so


Project Costs:: $0

Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau

Description: Picture the Good Times Ahead Campaign
One of the hardest things about this crisis is missing loved ones, which is why we created these free postcards you can use to stay in touch with friends and family.

Letter to the community was mailed out with 4 pre-stamped postcards.

A letter to our community from the Beaumont Convention & Visitors Bureau. It's time for us to stand strong and come together. Shed the negativity and be proud of where we live. Become a local expert. Explore our backyard. Be grateful for what’s here and now. Because after this, we think we all deserve a drink or two.

Objectives: To inform the community, "we're here for you!" The importance of coming together in a time of crisis, and supporting one another including local businesses. We believe when the time is right for travel many will visit extended family and close friends, To show that no matter where you are or how many miles apart, we are still here for each other. Postcards served as an invitation to inspire one to explore when the time is right.


Project Costs:: $1200 - video
billboard - $700 a month
Postcards - $3800

New Braunfels Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Description: A multimedia campaign (traditional, digital, public relations, advocacy) supporting the efforts of visitor industry businesses and bolstering destination market share. The campaign was a bridge communication to educate the public of all the measures New Braunfels put into place to get ready to welcome them back.

"Peaceful Moments" Video Playlist (during Stay-at-Home Orders): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5w_YEoQ-ck_H4jQErIYxN4_vdygdU0wV

"We're Getting Ready" Video Playlist (during re-opening): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5w_YEoQ-ck-7grv6ySre35q6B09V_TpJ

Objectives: Empathize with public sentiment
Emphasize safety and health measures put in place
Be authentic by using business owners as spokespeople
Advocate compliance with Governor's orders
Create a dynamic map of open businesses and their offerings during the pandemic


Project Costs:: $3,500

Visit McAllen

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Community campaign designed to keep residents of McAllen informed during the pandemic.

To quickly inform McAllen residents of programs and services available during the COVID-19 pandemic emergency.


Project Costs: $27,000.00

Abilene CVB

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#AbileneStrong: "As we reflect on health, family and personal well-being, please know the Abilene team keeps you in our hearts and prayers. This message was sent to meeting planners and hospitality partners with a 37% open rate.#AbileneStrong carried over to social media, digital billboards, and website to remind our audiences the ACVB was their reliable source for COVID-19 updates on local businesses and industry protocols. As a reminder to practice safety protocols, the ACVB supplies our hotels and hospitality partners with #AbileneStrong facemasks (at our cost) and we provide free hand sanitizer to visitors.

Objectives: To connect with our associates in a compassionate manner and to be an effective and reliable resource for residents, visitors and meeting planners.

Project Costs: $1,000 for masks and sanitizer.

2020 - COVID-19 Messaging- $1,000,000-$3,000,000

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