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2019 Advertising - $3 Million Plus


Visit San Antonio

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Deep in the heart of Texas, San Antonio is a destination that attracts millions of visitors annually, honoring its rich history and culture as well as its modern growth. Even with the healthy tourism base, Visit San Antonio wanted to develop a more strategic program to grow brand awareness and visitation. With a city that is fortunate to have such a variety of assets, from cultural heritage and historical landmarks to family attractions to culinary evolution, the question was Where to focus? in order to most effectively achieve these objectives.Visit San Antonio and its Agency of Record, The Atkins Group, partnered with research duo Epiphany Research and Destination Analysts to develop a study that would help the team deeply understand the San Antonio traveler segments and the personas that represent the most potential for visitation and economic gain.With over 9,000 respondents to the survey, the research team analyzed the psychographic, demographic, trip spending and other behavioral details of those interested in and likely to visit San Antonio—as well as their ratings of San Antonio’s attributes and destination motivators—and identified four primary traveler personas:? History, Arts & Cultural Traveler (HAC)? Urban Traveling Family (UTF)? The Food Obsessed (Foodie)? High Energy Educated Urbanite (HEEU)These data-driven traveler personas, representing the most potential for increased visitation and economic gain, became the focus for the new branding campaign, which launched May 2018 and is ongoing through 2020.

The specific objectives and measurement approach of the campaign for FY2019 (October 2018-September 2019) are:? Increase awareness as measured by Online Engagement, which shows interaction with the brand and is a combination of web site visits and social media engagement on Visit San Antonio channels; the goal for FY2019 is 20 million. Awareness will also be measured by a bi-annual Awareness & Image Study to be completed in June 2019. The goal is to achieve brand familiarity of at least 68%.? Reach the specific San Antonio traveler types through multi-targeting based on behavior, demographics, location, etc. The allocation of resources by persona varies by season based on persona potential economic impact of each specific persona. Total estimated impressions for FY2019 are 661.3 million.? Show a 7:1 ROI based on actual destination visitation measured through Mobile Device ID tracking of devices who viewed campaign ads and are seen to visit San Antonio.To achieve these goals, the media plan reaches each persona across multiple channels, including print, digital, social media, OOH, TV and radio. Different creative was developed based on the research insights regarding what that persona likes to experience or is interested in seeing in San Antonio. The creative follows real families, friends and couples on their visits to San Antonio doing the things that specifically appeal to them. Qualitative research also informed the format and direction of the creative.

Agency Project

Project Costs: The total budget for Visit San Antonio’s leisure media plan is $3M.


HEEU_30 from San Antonio on Vimeo.

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