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2020 COVID-19 Messaging $3 Million Plus

Visit Plano

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Description: As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has been detrimental to the travel industry and right now people are not traveling at all or if they are, it’s not anywhere near compared to how they traveled pre-pandemic. Data continues to support the fact that the leisure drive markets will be the first to begin their comeback, followed by slightly broader leisure travel, and ultimately corporate/business travel. Visit Plano has acknowledged this fact and produced a three-phased creative campaign that is sensitive and empathetic to what’s going on, during each phase of this ongoing crisis.

Objectives: Develop a phased strategic approach for Visit Plano’s re-entry to the market, focusing primarily on the leisure market at this time:

Phase 1:
Imagery: Show spaces and places where people will feel safe (open-air locations, where there are no people gathering)
CTA: No sell message (strictly brand awareness; no CTA to book/travel to our destination at this time)

Phase 2:
Imagery: Show spaces and places where people will feel safe (open-air locations, where there are minimal to moderate social gatherings that are all socially-distanced)
CTA: Soft sell message

Phase 3:
Imagery: Show spaces with heavier traffic/gatherings (small outdoor concerts, more crowded attractions, etc.)
CTA: Harder sell message


Project Costs: $5,500

Destination El Paso

Description: We are El Paso Strong is a 45 second spot created at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The video was created in both English and Spanish and pushed via paid social and digital media outlets. Total cost includes creation and media placement.

Objectives: To support and uplift those affected and displaced by COVID-19 such as our local hospitality and service workers, our first responders, heroes and essential workers on the front lines, who proudly represent the multi multicultural face of our city. And finally, to showcase the resilience and hope the El Paso community can expect.


Project Costs: $15,000


2020 - COVID-19 Messaging- $3,000,000 Plus

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